Booking-contact:Philipp Herder
phone:+49 179 6886680


It´s hard to find a group of people who share the same vision of friendship, partying, music, passion and willingness. Veto constitutes as a nice exception. A few like-minded people met on the dancefloor in 2014 and found that they share the same views on what they want to do differently. The Veto Crew‘s success relies on the focus on their unified soul. It´s about house music that doesn´t leave you alone on the dancefloor, allows you to experience shared euphoria and a dj who is standing on the same level as you - the dancing people. After one year of showcasing in clubs of berlin (Ritter Butzke, Sisyphos, Kosmonaut...) the Veto Crew made their way into clubs throughout the country. Munich (Rote Sonne), Hamburg (Baalsaal) and more cities love the ‚veto way‘ of presenting up-to-date and danceable club music. International promoters and the protagonists caught onto the concept quickly. The direct consequence of this succession are gigs in London (in May 2015) and a Veto showcase in one of the most legendary clubs in the world - Space Ibiza in 2015 and 2016!