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Sultans Court

    Blues guitar meets Wall of Synth and modulated vocals. Outgrown of the Indie music genre Sultans Court continues this legacy with influences from hip-hop and electronic music. Analog and electronic sounds create dark motives, while the energetic groove of driving percussion invites the audience to dance. While the vocals on the one hand guide the music and on the other hand playfully lose themselves in it, the songs regularly surprise with unexpected twists and turns. In the footsteps of Alt-J, Chet Faker or Glass Animals and in a time of exchangeable pop music, the band convinces with an unmistakable sound. Sultans Court was founded in a rickety Renault Clio on the motorway to Hamburg: So both music producers and founding members Julius and Konstantin got to know each other as riders to MS Dockville Festival. Directly after the festival both settled down in their home studio in Berlin and worked on their sound for over a year. On stage, however, the music is only brought to life with the help of the virtuoso ideas of Leander (drums) and Markus (synths). In the end, the test drive in Grandpa's old Renault decides whether the music will meet his own expectations.



    Video of the month: Sultans Court – Running

    Our video of the month: Sultans Court – Running Chasing after things and at the same time running away from them. If this is a phenomenon that affects almost everyone in a time, then it is today. Committing oneself, taking responsibility, making decisions? In a time when you can just as easily find quick distraction… Read More »


    New release: Sultans Court release their second EP “Up Close”

    Filter Alternative: Sultans Court‘s second EP “UP CLOSE” is not only the counterpart of the previous EP with its title. The band remains true to itself and its dreamy, but purposeful, energetic sound, although they offer even more intimate insights into their thoughts, feelings and the processes behind the music in their current tracks. A… Read More »


    Artist of the month: Sultans Court

    SULTANS COURT is an electronic quartet based in Berlin. The two producers and multi-instrumentalists Julius and Konstantin first met in 2015 on a shared car ride on their way to Dockville Festival. This foreshadowing trip brought the project into existence. Only shortly after, the band was complemented by their friends Leander (drums) and Markus (synths).… Read More »


    Sultans Court announce limited orange-coloured vinyl bundle

    Filter Alternative: Sultans Court aren’t just releasing a new EP. You can now pre-order the limited orange-coloured 12″ Vinyl including the brandnew “Up Close EP” AND the “From Afar” EP! If you pre-order the vinyl you’ll automatically also get the digital album, which means you can instantly download the three released tracks and the remaining… Read More »


    Video of the month: Sultans Court – Good Enough

    Our video of the month: Sultans Court – Good Enough “Good Enough” by the Berlin indie-electro-band Sultans Court is a reminder to always remember yourself despite the fast world. Developed from writer’s block, the track shows us how important it is not to forget to listen to yourself. The video is about the protagonist getting… Read More »


    New release: Sultans Court feel Sublime

    Filter Alternative: Have you ever looked at the stars and felt that feeling of power and sublimity, while at the same time feeling small and insignificant? Sultans Court dedicated their newest single ‘Sublime‘ to exactly this feeling. The track is a homage to being, a love song for what music can change within you as… Read More »


    New release: Sultans Court ‘Run Over’

    Filter Records: With their newest single ‘Run Over‘, Sultans Court address the topic of dishonesty, and how it can affect you. Instead people can sometimes find themselves entangled in a web of lies and phrases. The band want to encourage their listeners to stay and be truth to yourself and life, even though it can… Read More »


    New release: Sultans Court are Good Enough!

    Filter Records: The world is spinning ever faster and its impossible to keep up. Productivity and self-presentation are becoming more and more important by the day, which becomes visible through the numerous influencer profiles.  It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer mass of information and input that we get confronted with everyday. The newest… Read More »


    New release: Rookley remixes Sultans Court

    Phaser: The New York based producer Rookley has a very self-reflective style of Electronica, constantly improving himself and pushing new boundaries. The glorious track ‘Haunted’ by the alternative/indie-band Sultans Court from Berlin is his newest source for inspiration. Giving the reverberant vocals a lot of space, he creates a spherical vibe, while the drums and… Read More »