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The masked Berlin based artist SENTA creates with his debut single a hymn for all who try to do everything right in Christmas madness, but on Christmas Eve finds out again that the most important thing is missing: 'Oh Christmas tree'. Hand in hand with the sounds of bells and a grumpy guitar strumming, the 808 unfolds a casual, deliberately simple Christmas vibe. SENTA's wit and lyrical finesse shines through this simplicity. Pop or Trap? Definitely a track with identification potential!



New release: Senta wants 100.000 likes

Zucka: Autotune-rapper Senta is back with a new humorous track called ‘100.000 Likes’. This time he is criticizing the social media craze with lines such as “I’d rather loose you in real life, than on Instagram” and “I’d rather have 100.000 likes, than a lady that likes me.” Senta himself comments: “Social media can influence… Read More »


New release: SENTA with ‘Schneetreiben’

Zucka: Autotune-rapper SENTA returns with a new track, slightly moody and dreamy in tune, but as humoristic in his lyrics as always. ⠀⠀ “Schneetreiben is about the sheer amount of incredible beautiful women in this world. One could fall in love with another every minute. But in the end there is always this one that… Read More »


New release: SENTA debuts with Christmas single

Sugar: The Christmas presents are bought, the Christmas dinner is ready. But something is missing. The Christmas tree! This is what happened to our newest Sugar artist SENTA. His debut single ‘Oh Tannenbaum’ is a track for everybody that’s trying to cope with the holiday stress but yet doesn’t take themselves too seriously. The masked… Read More »