Rob Longstaff

A New Zealand born, in Australia raised adventurer armed to the teeth with a soulful wild voice, a fingerstyle guitar-playing that creates a sound that feels like listening to several instruments. After a successfull time in Down Under he found his new home in Berlin.

In music as in life he seeks challenges. Hitchhinking through three continents just as visiting Indian and Afican orphanages to go as far as the Antarctic reflects his boundless desire to spread his music. At last he travelled by bycicle, train and ships from Berlin to China and then to his former homebase Australia. Determined to serve as an example he invents alternative ways of touring under the guidelines of sustainabilty.

The singer-songwriter presents an acoustic ambitious work that knows how to convince his listeners. Often charming and humorous but profound in lyrics at the same time the social and environmental topics he sings about are evidence of his interest in various fields. With charisma and a keen sense for his audience the studied Jazz musician entertains in a fascinating manner no matter where he is performing.

Besides having played at festivals such as “Live at Woodford”, 2004 and various Ep ́s from his time in Australia he quickly gained ground in Germany. First he came to Germany in 2007 as a guest musician. Considerable co-productions were his live tour in France, Switzerland and Asutria with Meret Becker in 2009. Furthermore he was part of the show “Die fabelhafte Variete Show” (2010).