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"Pentatones produce finest gloomy electropop" (noisey) or as De:Bug put it: "Pop Music on the fringes of Pop".

The second full-length album by PENTATONES was released in February 2015 and its named "OUROBOROS", for reasons. The album's title, "OUROBOROS", is a reference to the symbolism of the self-devouring snake of greek mythology and serves through the abstracted circle as a recurring theme throughout the album, the artwork and the videos. In her lyrics, singer Delhia De France processes various spiritual motifs while simultaneously reflecting realities and demonized longings recurring elements of day-to-day life. The symbol of the circle acts as midwife in its capacity as a psychological ego-construct of a certain infinity. With their distinct sonic cosmos and an irresistible pull, Pentatones set out to imprint themselves in the earcanals in the very same vein: forever.

By virtue of DELHIA DE FRANCE's enraptured, fairylike voice, the album's dramatic soundscapes, comprised of opulent beats, arcanely fluttering sounds and acoustic instrumentation, obtain a narrative character that is fueled by longing and mysticism.

The Band emerged from the fertile grounds tilled by the artistic scene around Jena-based label Freude am Tanzen and Weimar's Bauhaus University. Due to the countless activities of the band's members in the fields of theater, performance, video and fine arts, Pentatones' music docks with multiple scenes and thus represents a part of a vaster artistic biotope. The musicians, hailing from creative centers like Leipzig, Berlin and Amsterdam, tell of contrasting emotions like loneliness and empathy, devotion and angst, and synthesize them into an encompassing spirituality.

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