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Oskar Schuster

Oskar Schuster's purely instrumental music arises from a mixture of various influences including experimental electronic music (Aphex Twin, Pogo), the minimalist folk-pop of Beirut, the ethereal and mystical sounds of Sigur Rós as well as classical piano music by Schumann and Chopin. As a true self-made artist, he not only plays almost all the instruments and produces the music by himself, but also designs the artwork and creates his music videos by himself. Schuster's music takes the listener into a world of its own. The soft, muted sound of an old piano mixes with the noises of just as old typewriters, analogue cameras and radios while in the distance you hear a music box playing and a synthesizer creaking. However, Oskar Schuster does not just fiddle with interesting sounds and noises but creates clearly structured pieces with catchy melodies. Melodies you seem to remember from early childhood days or long-forgotten dreams, at the same time sad and joyful, euphoric and exuberant, nostalgic, thought-provoking and always kind of melancholic. In 2011, he released his debut album, Dear Utopia, followed 2014 by Sneeuwland and 2015 by Tristesse Télescopique, which he both managed to produce with the help of successful crowdfunding campaigns.



Oskar Schuster releases new album ‘Elixía’

We are happy to share the new album ‘Elixía’ by Oskar Schuster with you. Inspired by his recent purchase of a 100-year-old piano that he accidentally found in one of Berlin’s piano shops, he sat down during the winter months and tried to make the old piano tell its story. The outcome is his new… Read More »