Booking-contact: Stine Meyer
phone: +49 176 32581514
Ori Alboher, a.k.a. ORI, a Berlin based singer/songwriter and producer from Jerusalem is about to release his second solo album '1986'. After his move to Berlin, influenced by the city’s abundance of scenes and anonymity, he returned to his very core. '1986' creates a genre somewhere between Electronica, R&B, Pop and Ambient, blending organic soundscapes with electronic influences, exposing his fragile and disarming voice with modified human vocals, loops and beats. ORI builds up melodic, rhythmic and repetitive structures that pull you into his music, creating moods that oscillate between intimacy and distant depths. Like swimming in a pleasant ocean yet struggling to keep your breath…  


Old Tourdates

Date City Location Tickets
28-07-2018 Dortmund Juicy Beats
17-06-2018 Mannheim Maifeld Derby
25-03-2018 CH-Chur Werkstatt
23-03-2018 CH-Zurich jenseits IM VIADUKT
21-03-2018 CH-Zurich Secret Show
17-03-2018 Munich Max Belle Spitz
15-03-2018 Stuttgart Café Galao
13-03-2018 Mainz Schon Schön
12-03-2018 Witten Roxy
11-03-2018 Cologne Arttheater
10-03-2018 Aachen Musikbunker
09-03-2018 Bielefeld Forum
08-03-2018 Hamburg Nochtspeicher
06-03-2018 Hanover Kulturpalast Linden
05-03-2018 Berlin Rotbart