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Nick Weaver

Born in the Pacific Northwest, Nick Weaver forever cites his surroundings as influences. “Growing up around Seattle you couldn’t help but go outside and just let your mind wander. Too much beauty.”

From a young age Nick listened to 90’s rap and hip-hop, but also everything from Thaikovsky, The Cure, to Depeche Mode. Having a brief stint learning piano as a child, Nick could only focus on one instrument for so long. “I was too drawn to the 4 and 8 counts of beats, and all those amazing words. I would find myself playing old piano songs, and my mind wandering off thinking how it would sound with drums.”

From there on, it was down the rabbithole for Nick. Starting writing lyrics as early as 12 years old on his parent’s home computer, Nick became a true night owl. “I was just in the mode in junior high and high school of writing all night, then waking up early and going to school.”

Nick recorded his first album when he was 15, and gained recognition around school for his craft. “I used to mass print CDs on those 100 stack spindles, and sell them for $2 a pop to anyone at school. Didn’t matter who, where, or when. If you wanted a disc, I’d get one to you.”

After slowing down and pursuing what he thought was the “career” trajectory after high school, Nick couldn’t dull the need to create. “Same thing that happened in high school happened in college, and then at work. I’d stay up late, spend all my time writing and recording at home. Then come into work tired and do it all over again.”

When he moved to Los Angeles for a new job, Nick used the opportunity to make waves in the nation’s biggest music scene. Self recording and distributing five mixtapes in one year, Nick started to see minor successes in his music. When he randomly came across his close friend and LA singer/producer Hilsyde, it all changed for Nick. “Hilsyde had a legit studio in the parking lot of where I worked. I always heard dope beats bumping out of there, and introduced myself. He had such a great ear for everything we worked on. I wouldn’t be anywhere without spending my time with him.”

From there Hilsyde helped Nick record his first studio album “Day One, None”. The album gained recognition from major media sources such as DJBooth and The World Famous Wake Up Show. It has since amassed millions of plays worldwide, with his single “Work” becoming an underground hit. “I look at that album with such pride. I was no one, with nothing to my name. We spent a year making that album and thousands of people still play it to this day all over the globe.”

From there Nick continued to amass a wide body of work, while starting to produce his own beats. His 2016 studio album “Prowler” saw great commercial success. Stand out single “Good Lord” had over 500,000 Spotify plays since the release. His follow up 2017 singles have also resonated with his fans, and his most recent singles are his most trending songs on Spotify. Indeed, with 50,000 monthly Spotify listeners, Nick has come a long way from recording mixtapes in his apartment after work.

“I look at where my music has gone, it’s nuts. I still just feel like that kid who couldn’t stop going outside and looking at everything. I listen to my peers, my idols, my favorite musicians. I just keep absorbing that and trying to evolve my own sound. Your surroundings - that’s what it’s all about.”

Old Tourdates

30-11-2017MunichCord Club
28-11-2017BerlinAuster Club