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“I guess the common thread in all of this is me”

This is the answer LUI HILL gives when you ask for a theme in his art, his music, his lyrics, At first glance this sounds logical, at second glance one could well have lost the thread on the long road the musician has taken.

The first turning point in the direction of music was the rehearsal room that his father had built for him himself, which the love of music enough room to grow, even as a child. The path meandered through various phases: At the age of twelve, LUI HILL became front man of a punk band, and a little later he discovered his passion for drums and jazz. All early stations on his way as well as his jazz studies and tour experiences as a drummer for various projects influenced the Darmstadt native, who now lives and works in Berlin, on his way to becoming the person and above all, the musician he is today.

His sound combines many styles and influences. Listening always remains pleasantly eclectic with LUI HILL’S music. One could say positively unpredictable even. Or simply, musically diverse. The influences range from Soul to Hip Hop to Jazz, starting with quiet piano sounds, wandering over soulful parts to almost compellingly danceable Funk- the limits are set by HILL alone.

The first, autobiographical album depicted different approaches to closeness and distance, grief and loss, hope and change perspective. Honesty, which was not always easy to digest, but built up such closeness to the artist and his music that one almost wanted to take flight their selves. HILL dealt with the end of a relationship and the death of his father. It was an album that emerged from a state of shock. But still, one sensed the light at the end of the tunnel.

The new tracks of LUI HILL now shine in this light. Music from what comes after the darkness. You hear a little wink and a lot of fun, you hear a different phasae of life. As beautiful as the previous melancholy and heaviness was, you can now be carried away by the newly gained energy. HILL does not only want to surprise its listeners*, but rather also itself with its music again and again, reinventing itself in the studio over and over again.

Longing and distance remain the theme, one of the threads that give structure to the project LUI HILL. After all, who does not deal with these themes? Who is not searching? For oneself, life, a goal? HILL writes about human action and its contradictions, about the state of consciousness love and its selfish contradictions. He finds inspiration in social discourses, various biographies, political topics. A path that unites yesterday and today.

On this path not all insights have always been easy: LUI HILL had to learn that in his music, too, he is strongly limited in a certain way. A talent that is not above average is not enough to transport everything that happens in the creative mind to the outside world. Hard work and a constant process of development have contributed and continue to contribute to the fact that these limits can be used for positive things.

The directness that arises from the awareness of one’s own limits appeals to the listener in a way that is immediately understandable without much flourish. HILL does not understand the set limits as a restriction, but accepts them with gratitude and transforms them into a chance. In this way, a special clarity can arise in the expression and form of his music. Honest and sensitive. Through this transparency the listener* is offered a lot of projection surface for his/her own development, space for own thoughts, inspired by the words and sounds of LUI HILL. While listening one finds not only the musician, but also oneself. And all while finding the red thread.

A decisive factor in this kind of honesty is letting go of perfection. Sometimes it is a friend, but often it’s also the enemy. HILL admits to himself that perfection is not the goal of his music and thus allows himself to open new, exciting options. Not to see the end of perfection as a blemish, but to accept this supposed blemish as something that may remain and bring the music forward in its own way. The magic in music is not perfection, but the break from that. It’s in the moment that something is unusual and tickles the nerves. Or an exciting realization that opens up new paths and possibilities for both the musician and his music, without devaluing everything that has come before. It’s an organic development, which we can witness.

“The red thread in all of this is probably me.” And that is still true. Welcome to a new facet of LUI HILL.



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Artist of the month: LUI HILL

“I guess the common thread in all of this is me” This is the answer LUI HILL gives when you ask for a theme in his art, his music, his lyrics, At first glance this sounds logical, at second glance one could well have lost the thread on the long road the musician has taken.… Read More »


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