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Lucille Crew

Lucille Crew is an international Groove collective, fusing elements of Hiphop, Funk & Soul. Formed by producer Izzy (Isgav Dotan) and Drummer Yossi Adi, The band is fronted by Baltimore native MC Rebel Sun. Lucille Crew's debut album 'Lucille' was released in Europe in 2014. The album received great feedback on radio, online and printed media and its release was followed by a couple of European tours, including Reeperbahn (Germany) and Liverpool Sound City (UK) festivals.

Since the beginning of their journey, Lucille Crew has been recording and performing non-stop around the world and spreading their sound and vibes in festivals such as Fusion (Germany), Usadba Jazz Festival (Russia), Le Chien a Plumes and MaMA Festival (France), as well as headlining in some of Israel's biggest festivals. (Boom Box, InDnegev, Ha’Tamar Festival and more...)

In summer of 2016, the crew has dropped their latest EP (Restless Mind/Exhausted Body), followed by a few successful Cross-Europe tours. Lucille Crew's next album is expected in Spring 2017, after which the band will go and spread their word across Europe once again, with yet another European tour, including: France, Germany, Russia, UK and more...

Old Tourdates

18-05-2018HannoverCafé Glocksee