Lorens was called "the young hope of the Balkan music scene" after the release of her debut single "Never Get Better”. Belgrade raised songwriter/producer released her sultry, heavy-bass track as part of an upcoming EP trilogy that follows themes of jealousy, disharmony and melancholy, encrypted with lyrical metaphors and secret messages. Born during the Yugoslav war, she began writing songs when she was 9, later exploring her lyricism through-out high school by recording demos and eventually beginning to create her sound in her bedroom after moving to Berlin for college. Lorens, a former MTV Adria VJ, was heavily influenced by artists such as Depeche Mode, Kate Bush and The Cardigans as a child. Inescapably relatable due to her diary-like honesty, Lorens unapologetically delivers her narrative with emotion by layering her vocals on down-casting pop melodies making her entry to the global alternative pop inevitable.



    New release: Lorens talks flirting in newest single

    Filter Records: After tracks such as ‘Never Get Better’ and ‘Close’, LORENS is back with yet another vibey, dark-pop single. ‘Now’ is the fourth single from the self-produced newcomers upcoming debut EP. ‘Now’ presents a sort of 4×4 drum pattern, typical in electronic music but manages to have a build up and a vibe that… Read More »


    New release: LORENS tells him, he’ll ‘Never Get Better’

    Filter Records: The newest LORENS track takes us into a dark, powerful sphere. Inspired by a break up, and set in a night in a club confronted with an overwhelming jealousy. “Never Get Better” serves as a sort of message of self-affirmation; “Your ex will never do better than you.” The beat tiptoes slowly into… Read More »


    New release: feast. remix LORENS

    Phaser: The producer trio feast. starts into the new year by remixing the debutsingle of the self-produced pop-newcomer LORENS ‘Close’. Contrary to the title, Lorens talks about distance between two people overwhelmed with one another – in fact longing but not managing to be, ‘Close.’ The remix interprets the dark and slow original in a… Read More »


    New release: LORENS with ‘No Good For Him’

    Filter Records: The self-produced newcomer LORENS follows up with a new release after her debut moody dark-pop single ‘Close’ called ‘No Good For Him.’ LORENS talks about betrayal and charma, about taking someone for granted but ultimately being the one who ends up hurt. Reminiscent somewhere in between FKA Twigs and Billie Eillish, LORENS layers… Read More »


    New release: Winterkind remixes LORENS

    Phaser: The newest Winterkind-Remix features LORENS debut single ‘Close’ which was released in October of this year. The producer duo from Münster and Osnabrück combined expressive voice samples, intense build-ups and snappy percussive elements to a very unique, dark atmosphere that at the same time brings up a churning feeling of yearning. Winterkind’s sound fascinates… Read More »


    New release: LORENS debut single ‘Close’ is out now!

    One week after Nürnberg Pop Festival, singer and producer LORENS finally releases her debut single ‘Close’! “There are experiences in life or connections made where one never feels really, like they were able to gain a grasp. It floats by, and in a moment absorbs every cell of a person- but actually never settles in… Read More »


    NÜRNBERG POP: Filter Records curates own Stage

    We’re excited to announce our very own stage at Nürnberg Pop Festival 2019, the Filter Records Stage. “We’re especially happy to take place with our own stage at Nürnberg Pop Festival for the first time. This is after many of our artists have played there over the course of the last years. The festival has… Read More »