An artist of extremes. Despite desert origins, she embodies the cold of snow. Hot and cold play as opposites in her music as two elements who have a continuous collaboration and conflict, coming together to present themselves as a whole. Her extremely feminine and almost girl-like voice takes one from softly sung lyrics to rebellious rap phrases, all held together with dramatic, dance-evoking beats. The combination of these forces creates a mesmerizing crossover.

That's LARA SNOW, a duo from Tel Aviv. With an energetic stage force, Valery Sherman and Jonatan Harpak bring the public to move and more importantly, to feel. With roots in punk rock, combined with modern electro and Valery's softer side- fans all over the world are taken on a musical trip. From Tel Aviv, to Europe, Canada and the USA, LARA SNOW has shown that there's nothing she's afraid of on stage.



Harder, louder, faster. LARA SNOW presents second single “I LIKE SNOW”+++

No, she is not appearing in the current season of „Game of Thrones“ and she is not from Scandinavia (although everyone assumes this). To be strictly accurate, LARA SNOW is not even a person, but two: Valery Sherman and Jonathan Harpak. Both are from Tel Aviv, capital of street cats and Israel’s unchallenged creative center.… Read More »


Härter, schneller, lauter. LARA SNOW stellt zweite Single “I LIKE SNOW” vor

Nein, sie taucht nicht in der aktuellen „Game of Thrones“-Staffel auf, und sie kommt auch nicht aus Skandinavien (obwohl das immer wieder Leute vermuten). Genaugenommen ist LARA SNOW nicht einmal eine Person, sondern zwei. Valery Sherman und Jonathan Harpak nämlich. Die beiden kommen aus Tel Aviv, Hauptstadt der Straßenkatzen und Israels unbestrittenes kreatives Zentrum. „Wir… Read More »


LARA SNOW veröffentlichen Debütsingle “Sometimes It’s Enough”

Nach unzähligen weltweit gespielten Liveshows und einigen ins Netz gestellten Songs – alles in bewährter DIY Manier – stellen  LARA SNOW  ihre brandneue Single „Sometimes It’s Enough“ vor.   In „Sometimes It’s Enough“ geht es um Beziehungen, die uns nicht gut tun oder viel mehr um diese eine Beziehung, die uns nicht gut getan hat. Die Beziehung, die… Read More »

Old Tourdates

06-05-2017BerlinKantine am Berghain
22-12-2016NürnbergClub Stereo
20-12-2016HannoverCafè Glocksee
15-12-2016BerlinKantine am Berghain
09-12-2016FrankfurtLotte Lindenberg
30-10-2016PassauZeughaus (supporting KYTES)
28-10-2016MünchenMuffathalle (supporting KYTES)
27-10-2016RegensburgHeimat (supporting KYTES)
17-10-2016KölnBlue Shell (supporting KYTES)
16-10-2016DüsseldorfFFT (supporting KYTES)
15-10-2016BremenTower (supporting KYTES)
05-10-2016DresdenGroovestation (supporting KYTES)
04-10-2016LeipzigTäubchenthal (supporting KYTES)
02-10-2016BerlinMusik&Frieden (supporting KYTES)
30-04-2016NürnbergClub Stereo
29-04-2016EggenfeldenClub Platinum
23-04-2016PL-BydgoszczAnimocje Fest
22-04-2016HamburgPocca Bar
18-04-2016FR-ParisPop In
16-04-2016CH-BernPrivate Show
15-04-2016CH-St.GallenOya Bar & Kafe
11-04-2016HU-BudapestInstant Bar
09-04-2016CZ-PragCafe V Lese
08-04-2016PL-BreslauArt Cafe Kalambur
06-04-2016PL-LodzDom Literatury
03-04-2016LV-DaugavpilsArtilerijas Pagrabi
02-04-2016LV-LiepajaFontaine Palace