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2016 looks like being a great year for the lads from KYTES and in fact it started out with a “bang,” early on at their performance in Austin Texas at the SXSW festival. Shortly before, the band managed to get through US customs control with their 20,000 or so guitar effects, all vaguely resembling small explosive devices.   Meanwhile hoards of sweaty US kids found their way to the dance floor taking a well-earned break from the beer and barbecue: KYTES were on stage.   Between Austin and Munich is a 8823 kilometer stretch separating two very different worlds, but these worlds were about to merge together and they did so on this night in Austin, deep in the heart of Texas. This connection was all the more evident when US lists of Spotify users suddenly contained presently available KYTES songs.   Some hard facts first: KYTES are named KYTES because the band name has a sexy stage presence.   Yeah, it looks good under hot lights with a multi colored backdrop. It rolls off your tongue easily, has a unique power and a little sense of mystery as well. The band is underway now for about a year and the members, Michael Spieler (lead vocals + guitar, lyrics), Timothy Lush (drums + lyrics), Kerim Öke (lead guitar) and Thomas Sedlacek (bass + synthesizer) go back a long, long way...almost forever.   The band performs using English texts reflecting the group’s multicultural backgrounds (German, Austrian, Turkish, Czechoslovakian, Australian).   The desire for international success and recognition make this a necessity, fact is that more than half of the world do communicate in English. So Austin displayed promise and yet Rostock and Nürnberg remain just as important for KYTES as the word spreads here in Northern Europe about this new music from Germany.   Up on the tip of the continent the boys get identified as a Swedish band, now in Bavaria, Germany Facebook comments frequently appear in English...the message has arrived, as it seems.   Till now the band has two successful tours under their belt, in November 2015 and again in April 2016. Drummer Timothy Lush commented, “even at this early stage the bands followers know all the song lyrics and sing along perfectly in sync with the group, and that those singers are predominantly females! Must be a good sign”. Hip Hop, Metal or Electro music fans even feel at home with KYTES and have found a place in their hearts for the quartet from Munich. The music is building bridges.   An attempt to describe the music in words will certainly fail; still one needs to do so. It’s an electric Indie pop based sound with very danceable tempos, and a strong accent on unforgettable melodies embodied in eloquently formed lyrics. Yes the group can spin a good yarn. The whole package glances on a CD and burns on a live stage as the band rocks. Similarities with bands like Mando Diao, Foals or Two Door Cinema Club is to note, but KYTES is nevertheless a standalone product, totally original and unique.   Start of this year the “buzz“ began: Vodafone selected the bands composition, “On The Run“ for their newest campaign. The “Call Ya” mobile phone advertisements were everywhere to hear and see in the media; internet, TV and radio reaching out to an incredible 1.25 million users.   KYTES got smart and invested their payment in a new band bus, rented a practice room 50 meters away from Munich’s main river and set about producing and recording their debut album to be called “Heads and Tales.”   “Heads and Tales” contains 13 original KYTES songs, all written and produced by the band. For those of you who prefer the retro effect, the release will be available on vinyl as well, so dust off that turntable and set it to 33 and one third.   KYTES’ philosophy is “that your future and creative potential lies in your own hands, those who seek will find, and you can´t get anywhere without first making the journey, so don´t get stressed out, do what makes you feel good, main thing is you get out there and do it.“
So the decision that all four-band members wind down their day gigs and concentrate 100% on the music is indeed reflective of these beliefs. Perfect self-reliance won´t come overnight, but doing gigs at Melt, Dockville Festival and the up and coming Autumn tour will certainly get the ball rolling in the right direction. By the time of the release date of “Heads And Tales“, this process and the first leg of this journey will be more complete.   Music lovers of infectious rock music will be delighted with the CD. It`s this classic 3 minute melodic song writing (Heads) interwoven with subtle but eloquent lyrics (Tales) that hits you right between the eyes, leaving you hungry for more with that special quality control from the music makers of KYTES.   KYTES make a point of staying away from text passages containing the word love, at least for now, because they believe it’s simply been milked dry by too many other artists of late. That’s not to say they are afraid of themes that tackle emotions and feelings, they just relate to them in that special KYTES-like way, using a more subtle and obscure description with parallel meanings and double entendre.   On the other hand nothing about KYTES’ music could be said to be misleading or not understood.   Songs like “I Got Something“, “Head To Toe“ or “Future Kids“ give you that gentle kick in the backside, others like “Talk“ or “In The Morning“ get more reflective, but, in the end, the sun is still shining for the listener. Lead singer Michael laughingly commented “one day, in the distant future, we might do a song where love is the theme but that will probably be the day that KYTES have sold out.”  



KYTES release “I Got Something (Palastic Remix)

+++ After a successful festival summer and the release of their long awaited debut album “Heads and Tales”, KYTES are now back with a new remix of I Got Something +++ 2016 looks like being a great year for the lads from KYTES. The “buzz“ began with a selection of the bands composition “On The Run“ for the… Read More »


KYTES releasen “I Got Something (Palastic Remix)”

+++Nach einem erfolgreichen Festivalsommer und dem Release ihres langersehnten Debütalbums veröffentlichen KYTES nun einen Remix ihrer dritten Single „I Got Something“ +++ 2016 war und ist ein ereignisreiches und erfolgreiches Jahr für die vierköpfige Indie Band KYTES. Im Frühjahr durften die KYTES nicht nur in Austin, Texas, vor schwitzenden Amerikanern beim weltgrößten Showcase-Festival SXSW performen und… Read More »


KYTES release debut album “Heads and Tales”

+++ After Vodafone CallYa campaign, South by Southwest and a successful festival summer, KYTES finally release their long awaited debut album “Heads and Tales” +++ 2016 looks like being a great year for the lads from KYTES and in fact it started out with a “bang“, early on at their performance in Austin Texas at the SXSW festival.… Read More »


KYTES veröffentlichen langersehntes Debütalbum “Heads and Tales”

+++ Nach Vodafone CallYa Kampagne, South by Southwest und einem erfolgreichen Festivalsommer bringen KYTES nun endlich ihr langersehntes Debütalbum raus+++ Der bisher beste Moment des Jahres 2016 kam für KYTES im Frühjahr in Austin, Texas, als schwitzende Amerikaner beim weltgrößten Showcase-Festival South by Southwest die Tanzfläche enterten, um bei den vier atemlosen Konzerten der Band Vollgas zu… Read More »


KYTES reveal new Video and announce album release

The festival summer is nearly coming to an end for KYTES and the release of their debut album rounds the corner. Right at the start of of the presale of  Heads and Tales KYTES are coming out with their new single As We Row. KYTES are making another clear statement with As We Row. They… Read More »


KYTES offenbaren neues Video & Albumreleasedate

Der Festivalsommer neigt sich bei den KYTES nach über 30 gespielten Shows dem Ende und der Release des Debütalbums steht vor der Tür. Pünktlich zum Vorverkaufsstart von Heads and Tales gehen die KYTES mit ihrer neuen Single As We Row an den Start. Mit As We Row setzten die KYTES ganz klar ein weiteres Statement. Dass die vierköpfige Indie Band nicht nur Songs schreiben und komponieren kann,… Read More »

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