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Chai Khat

Berlin, Germany is known for it's musical history and huge wave of underground and independent new sounds. It is no wonder that a perfect dream pop band, Chai Khat has emerged from the echo's of Germany's inovative musical past and underground klubs. Yann, Kai and Mats, sharing inspirations of 77'' punk and new wave pop as well as a lust for life attitude, put together Chai Khat. Chai Khat is today's most likely answer for anything real of that nostalgic 80's synth pop sound. Without compromising creativity and by recording completley analogue, the members of Chai Khat and producer Joe Joaquin crafted the band's debut LP,"Hail Satin". Hail Satin was produced and recorded in various locations in Germany, over a course of a year by Joe Joaquin and the band. The album was mixed at Custom Mojo studios in Kreuzberg Berlin, whilst inbetween university and playing shows, all three members focused and created one of the best sounding records of the german landscape. The influences are clear and the sound is beautiful as it is haunting. A longing for love and all tomorrows parties resonates from the rich, layered, polyrythmic synthesizers and chorus chiming guitars. Driving bass and drum beats continious throughout "Hail Satin" are like one's natural rythym, their heart beat. With only one single, a handfull of shows and the soon to be released "Hail Satin" LP , Chai Khat has that moment waiting for them. To emerge and by the sounds of it, re-create and reinstate one's love for new romantic synth pop!