Booking-contact: JP Enderli
phone: +49 176 39260419

Bare Jams

Bare Jams captures the sounds of that one summer you’ll never forget. This six strong collective comes together to seamlessly mix flavours of reggae, dub, soul, pop and ska. This sound is then delivered with exuberance and relentless energy, creating a stage presence that radiates love and good times. This inescapable feeling has been present whilst headlining their own UK and Dutch club shows and when supporting the likes of The Wailers, La Pegatina, Will and the People, Tankus the Henge and Chainska Brassika . 2019 will only spread the vibes further with live performances lined up in the UK and the rest of Europe, plus the highly anticipated release of their debut studio album.



Date City Location Tickets
17-07-2019 HU - Vesyprem Utcazene Festival
18-07-2019 HU - Vesyprem Utcazene Festival
19-07-2019 HU - Vesyprem Utcazene Festival
20-07-2019 DE - Kiel Bootshafen Sommer
23-07-2019 DE - Mainz SchonSchön
24-07-2019 DE - Stuttgart Café Galao
26-07-2019 CH - Luzern Schüür
27-07-2019 CH - Aurau Kleinlaut Festival
28-07-2019 DE - Berghaupten Black Forest on Fire Festival
11-08-2019 FR - Plombieres Les Bain’s Rock Les Bain's
16-08-2019 ES - Asturien Enter the Wave
17-08-2019 ES - Asturien Enter the Wave
19-08-2019 FR - Biscarrosse Enter the Wave
20-08-2019 FR - Biscarrosse Enter the Wave
22-08-2019 FR - Vergt de Biron Biron Castle
23-08-2019 CH - Hausen am Albis Rampe Open Air
24-08-2019 DE - Krefeld Folksfest

Old Tourdates

Date City Location Tickets
09-06-2019 DE - Born am Darss Kitesurf Camp
08-06-2019 DE - Ummanz Ummaii Festival
04-05-2019 PT - Madeira Maktub Sounds Good Festival