From Afar – EP

    Release : 30-08-2019


    What significance do our bodies still have in today’s digital society? This is the question posed by the new track of the Indie-Electro Newcomers Sultans Court. Their new single ‘Disembodied’ enters extremely distanced – the basic beat sounds miles away, a strong reverb accompanies the staccato sounds. The recurring, mantra-like vocals of singer and producer Julius Klaus seem like a constant reassurance of the own existence. The song works with repetition and slowly builds up to a crescendo, which comes to an abrupt end shortly before the end. So, it doesn’t end in a strong statement but rather in a question.

    “‘Disembodied’ thematizes the relationship between body and identity and the possibilities but also the problems that an anonymous identity completely detached from reality can bring with it. The protagonist of the song moves through the Internet with a multitude of pseudonyms, completely detached from any responsibility and consequences of his actions,” says Julius. “At the same time, however, he also loses himself in these multiple personalities. Being anonymous also means a certain invisibility and the impossibility of recognition,” adds guitarist and producer Konstantin Hennecke.

    Is it the longing for recognition? Julius dares an explanation: “Nobody knows that you did anything, maybe even that you ever existed. There is no identification. You don’t have to stand up for anything. You can’t stand up for something without a body. The body is not only a vehicle for our senses, it is also the fertile ground for our identity.”

    In the video for ‘Disembodied’ the play of body and identity continues. A pregnant dancer dances alone at a small bar in nothingness: a non-place. She struggles with her body in space, learns bit by bit what her body can do, how it reacts to the space around her and vice versa. An indifferent bartender melancholically cleans his unused wine and whiskey glasses, but doesn’t seem to take notice of her presence.

    With their unique electro indie hip hop sound, the Berlin newcomers Sultans Court have already caused astonishment from hour zero. Their first three releases ‘Haunted’, ‘No Man’s Land’ and ‘Shutdown’ bring dark catchiness to Tête-à-Tête with grooving beats and melodic joy of playing. The next release of the quartet is similar and yet completely different. With ‘Disembodied’ the band makes the leap into the distanced ponderousness. At the same time the single is the last release of the debut EP ‘From Afar’, which will be released on August 30th. An EP that thematically deals with digital phenomena and the resulting social responsibilities. ‘From Afar’ is not just a collection of single songs, it is a reflection of the themes of our time.

    Sultans Court have found a sound that is dark and driving. Somewhere between indie, electro and hip-hop, the four-piece band combines catchiness with drama and continues what they themselves call “Melancholy Disco”. In this disco heading for the maximally allowed decibel value on this dance floor is preprogrammed.

    “Sultans Court could become the next big thing from Berlin”, radioeins announces the band before an interview and is not alone with this assessment. Comparisons to Glass Animals, alt-J or Chet Faker are always emphasized and show where the band is located.

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