Sometimes It’s Enough – Single

Release : 26-08-2016

„Sometimes It’s Enough“ is the first official Single of the Israeli Newcomer Duo.
„Sometimes It’s Enough“ talks about relationships, which aren’t good for us or rather about this one relationship, which was not good for us. This relationship pulled us down and held us back in every way, but we held on to it nevertheless for a while. The song speaks about the difficulty of letting go and finding the strenght to do so.
With their debut single LARA SNOW broaches and processes the issue of negative relationships: „We all have times in life when we feel like hit rock bottom and what motivated us to write these lyrics is the though about finding that inner strenght to let go and grow of the dark places in life.“
The song or rather the ending of this relationship opens new doors. LARA SNOW transferrs bad experiences into energy. This energy and power are reflected in the beat of the song. Deep, insistent, absorbing and powerfull synthis complement Valery’s memorable, demanding, clear and expressive voice. Even without the lyrics one can hear the accusation, departure and the restart. Lyrics and beats are melting into a bubbling volcano as well as into a melody and expressiveness that is typical for the band.

Track Artist Title
LARA SNOW Sometimes It's Enough