Sometimes It’s Enough – Single

Release : 26-08-2016

No, she is not appearing in the current season of „Game of Thrones“ and she is not from Scandinavia (although everyone assumes this). To be strictly accurate, LARA SNOW is not even a person, but two: Valery Sherman and Jonathan Harpak. Both are from Tel Aviv, capital of street cats and Israel’s unchallenged creative center. „We are a team“, they claim. If they weren’t a band, they would presumably be a gang lurking around street corners, snapping their fingers.

LARA SNOW is an artist of the extreme. Their music plays with various elements like the contrast of hot and cold. Valery’s feminine and almost maiden-like voice takes you from softly sung text passages into defiant rap parts backed up by dramatic yet danceable beats. This combination forms a paradigm of crossover and alternative.

After playing countless live shows worldwide and uploading some songs to the internet, LARA SNOW are now releasing their first official single „Sometimes It’s Enough“.

„Sometimes It’s Enough“ talks about those relationships that aren’t good for us or rather about this one relationship that wasn’t good for us. This relationship that pulled us down and held us back in every way, but we held on to it for much too long. The song speaks about the difficulty of letting go and finding the strength to do so.

With their debut single, LARA SNOW discuss and process the issue of negative relationships: „We all have times in life when we feel like we’ve hit rock bottom. What inspired us to write these lyrics is the thought of finding that inner strength to let go and grow from the dark places in life.“

The song or rather the ending of this relationship opens new doors. LARA SNOW transforms bad experiences into energy. This energy and power are reflected in the beats of the song. Deep, insistent, absorbing and powerful synthesizers complement Valery’s memorable, demanding, clear and expressive voice. Even without the lyrics you can hear the reproach, the rising and the restart. Lyrics and beats are melting into a bubbling volcano as well as into the kind of melody and expressiveness that are typical for the band.


LARA SNOWSometimes It's Enough