Ship and the Globe – Single

    Release : 18-11-2016

    Considered one of the most promising artists in the Canadian scene, Kae Sun is now coming to Europe with the re-release of his single „Ship and The Globe“

    Canadian singer-songwriter Kae Sun is a consistently original songwriter and artist who, over the last few years, has released captivating songs of a poetic sensitivity and intimate beauty. His music has at times been tagged Urban Folk, Indie Pop, World, Neo-Folk or Folk-Soul. Now magazine quotes him describing it as “Music. Pure and simple.”

    Kae Sun is now back with the re-release of his track „Ship and The Globe“. The new version of the track is coming from nobody else than producer and Vimes member Azhar Syed, who gives the song more heights, deepness, intensity and dynamic. Small changes in the arrangement of the song and the use of additional drum parts, percussions, shaker, Synths and an electric Piano are creating a new fresh sound – earworm guaranty included.

    „Ship and The Globe“ is about intimacy, and it’s about distance and the dance between closeness and separation. It can be romantic love, It could also be about living out your passion. There are moments when we feel closer to who we really are, moments when we feel fulfilled and some moments where we feel not so centered. „Ship And the Globe“ tries to capture that feeling in words as much as possible. It gives the listener the feeling to have to cross a vast ocean to get what he wants and the person he loves. It’s about the joy and happiness that comes from that journey when we relax and try to enjoy the process.

    With the soft driving beats and his souly and sensitive voice Kae Sun is taking the listener away on a journey, a journey over the wide ocean, a journey through his feelings.

    Ship and the Globe – SingleShip and the Globe