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Samuel Hope – Lead Me On – Single

Release : 04-05-2018

‘Lead Me On’ is a song about a relationship gone wrong, but try as you might, you just can’t seem to let go of.  The subject fights with who’s to blame, the other for what they’ve done, or himself for letting it happen.

Samuel Hope’s vocal cords ache as they ascend in his second single, deepened by synth beats assertively guiding the desperate lyrics.

“Either way I can’t let go, tired of faking it, never escaping this ride that you’re leading me on, am I imagining that I can never be right and you can never be wrong.”

The visuals present a couple who as professional dancers, manage perfectly to choreograph the not only mental, but physical anguish that comes with any heartbreak, loss, or the struggle to hang on to something that you must ultimately let go of. Samuel Hope sought American dancer and choreographer, Zack Benitez specifically after finding and becoming a fan of his past projects. “When Samuel approached us to do this video, we were really excited about the prospect of being able to create a love story between two male dancers.” For Samuel Hope, the focus was to find two dancers who were comfortable being totally vulnerable and intimate while enacting a song that has deep emotional meaning for him, regardless of gender and therefore allowed Benitez total freedom while choosing the second character. “The fight for love is something that most of us have experienced in some capacity, and I find it to be for that reason a conflict that unites us,” explains Hope.

This is the second single from Samuel Hope’s debut album, ‘Other Man’ due to release next month. It follows, ‘Carried Away’ which was featured in Gala Magazine Germany, received a raving review in 90bpm from France, and likewise featured in tg24com Italy.


Track Artist Title
Samuel Hope – Lead Me On – Single Lead Me On