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Samuel Hope – Carried Away – Single

Release : 23-02-2018

“Great music is all about a good melody and a beautiful voice,” Samuel Hope claims, he’s quick to add a crucial caveat: “…even if that ‘voice’ is an instrument, like Louis Armstrong’s trumpet.” The debut single, ‘Carried Away’ certainly has its own sense of voice, radiating both passion and frustration in a few minutes of total vulnerability. The accompanying video by director Christoph Varga is a beautifully intimate one-shot of a woman who alternates between embracing and then fighting these polarized emotions as they pass in and out of her awareness. Samuel Hope, the multi-instrumentalist, New York City native artist came together with Pete Davis (New Order, Björk, Dido), Sally Herbert (Muse, Robbie Williams) and producer Mike Hedges and created exemplary depth in his soon to release soul-pop album. Samuel Hope’s first single, ‘Carried Away’ will release on February 23rd.

Track Artist Title
Samuel Hope Carried Away