The Road Ahead Is Golden – Album

Release : 09-06-2017

+++ Jon and Roy release the seventh album on the 9th of June digital and physical. The Vinyl will be released on the 23rd of June+++

Jon Middleton, Roy Vizer and Louis Sadava began releasing music under the Jon and Roy banner when they were in university. The Road Ahead Is Golden is their seventh album, a record with subtle tones but a purposeful message.

The Road Ahead Is Golden arrives at the perfect juncture for the trio, with motivation at an all time high and efficiency in the studio, the songs almost recorded themselves. “Doing it right then and there can often have a better result than if you think about it too much,” Middleton said.

Having made a career out of embracing the unexpected, The Road Ahead Is Golden meaning morphed over time as it did in its creation. The record was recorded at a small West Coast studio in Contrast to Greenhouse Studio’s in Vancouver, where 2015’s Riverside was recorded. The Road Ahead is Golden marks a return to organic operations for the group.

The trademarks of previous Jon and Roy releases include Middleton’s acoustic guitar and Vizer’s guardrail groove all in abundance on The Road Ahead Is Golden, but changes are evident. Vizer, a put congas back on the equipment list, and Middleton is joined by other voices including members of Current Swell on ‘The Better Life.’

There’s a simplicity to the music of Jon and Roy that makes what they do sound effortless. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Jon and RoyRunner
Jon and RoyBreakdown
Jon and RoyThe Better Life
Jon and RoyClever One
Jon and RoyHow The Story Goes
Jon and RoyWindow
Jon and RoyWhen You're Gone
Jon and RoySilent Lou
Jon and RoyThe Road Ahead Is Golden
Jon and RoyNothing But Everything
Jon and RoyEvery Night