LUI HILL – Ancient Dust – Single

Release : 20-07-2018

‘Ancient Dust’ comes as the last of five singles from LUI HILL’s self titled debut album due to release August 10th. The music video also serves as the concluding chapter to a five part series with LUI HILL revealing that the spin- off of a classic fairytale that follows a trio’s ambivalently tense interaction throughout the darkest corners of Los Angeles, was actually inspired by the original ‘The Little Mermaid.’

Are we just too bad inside to do the good things right?

Made of dust belonging to the ancient times..

The song starts with a hesitant, dragged out tone that seems to serve only as a warning before breaking out into an unexpectedly upbeat chorus. The shuffled up-tempo beat leaves one quickly singing along, but at once with a slight feeling of unease as the lyrics point to a feeling of hopelessness after a long journey through conflict and misunderstandings. The song seems in itself to mimic human patterns and inconsistencies in being good and bad; seeking love but also rejecting it.

“I tried to make both the light and dark sides of being human as tangible as possible while writing and recording this song. There’s one point where the basic key turns directly from minor into major- This element of surprises is something I see in people and how they react, too” describes LUI HILL.

The music video, directed by Christoph Varga, appropriately mirrors this at times manic element of human experience. It starts with the female character standing in daylight for the very first time, as if she had broken free of her dark troubles. She doesn’t appear relieved, however, but rather stares with a passive gaze of emptiness and exhaustion as she only half-heartedly scans her surroundings.

With LUI entrapped again and his shadow lurking in an uproar of flames, we see that the freedom of LUI and our female character are somehow entwined- and unable to exist simultaneously. A choice of ‘me’ or ‘you’ must be made, just as the original Little Mermaid once had to choose between the happiness of her beloved versus preserving her own life. Our female character dives into deep water and toils with what decision to make, ultimately choosing to give up her breath and settle into the blue. LUI HILL is seen freely banging his drums in the daylight seemingly unaware that his very own Little Mermaid had sacrificed her freedom to save him.

‘Ancient Dust’ is the last the of the 5 piece series, however LUI HILL’s album promises new life and yet another beginning. It comes following a long wait after steady single releases since November, which landed him in major US playlists like New Music Friday, Weekly Buzz, or Young & Free, accumulated a loyal following of over 260k montly spotify listeners, and caught international media attention like Earmilk, Rolling Stone Germany, Decoded Magazine, Rockerilla or Gaffa.

LUI HILLAncient Dust