As We Row – Single

Release : 12-08-2016

KYTES are making another clear statement with As We Row. They have already proven before that they are not only able to write and compose songs which treat cheerful matters. Their new single shows it again: KYTES do not shrink from a certain melancholy and manage the balancing act between serious subjects and positive indie Sound ernsten.

In As We Row KYTES are talking about the departure into an uncertain future, a future, which provides hopefully more than now. The fear or even certainty „not to manage it“, which is described in ‘we know as we row – the night will fall’, is menacing.

The hope of something new and better as well as the search for a home won’t be given up. The theme and the hope of a better home runs through the whole sound of the song. What can be heard is a positive but slightly softer tone than before.

With As We Row KYTES are not only revealing another facet of their sound but theiy are also making listeners curious about their debut album Heads and Tales.