Release : 01-03-2019

JON AND ROY’s 8th album ‘Here’ epitomizes their journey to date; an assured collection of 9 brand new songs that touch upon themes of love, presence, joy and hardship. Building upon the creative energy of 2017’s ‘The Road Ahead Is Golden’, ‘Here’ is an aural balm to soothe in these uncertain times; a gentle reminder to be present and to revel in the simple joy of living. “To me, this album is something special,” says Middleton, “It contains all the elements that I hold dear about this band, and it feels free to me; as true an expression of our music as we’ve ever created”.

Recorded in the quiet forests of Vancouver Island over the summer and fall of 2018, ‘Here’ is quintessential JON AND ROY. “Half of the songs were written this past year, Middleton continues, “but the other half are two, or even three years old, and have needed time to simmer to get where they needed to be.”

In the title track, Middleton’s beguiling vocals weave a languid tale atop of Roy Vizer’s laid back percussion. The tracks ‘Headstrong’ and ‘Seven Colts’ are buoyant, filled with an exuberance that is elevated by a breezy horn section and strong vocals. In the raw and honest ‘Where Has My Love Gone’, Middleton laments lost love; his impassioned vocals rising over Vizer’s stripped back drums. ‘The last song ‘The Border Is There To BeCrossed’ is not meant to be a political song. However, the song title and the lyric “the border is there to be crossed, and it will be” was certainly put in the song on purpose as a reaction to recent events that have taken place in North America and Europe.

‘Here’, with its honest, open heart, is so much of what is JON AND ROY and the world is all the richer for it.

About the album artwork: The album art for this record was done by Canadian artist Sierra Lundy. “We wanted something to reflect the title in an abstract way and this drawing captured this. We’d gone through about four different cover options before seeing Sierra’s, and as soon as everybody saw her piece we knew it was the perfect choice,” says Jon. The cover art is in fact a drawing of a dream had by the Sierra.

Track Artist Title
Jon and Roy Here
Jon and Roy Headstrong
Jon and Roy My Baby’s Gone
Jon and Roy Damn
Jon and Roy In My Arms
Jon and Roy Seven Colts
Jon and Roy That Is You
Jon and Roy Where Has My Love Gone
Jon and Roy The Border Is There To Be Crossed