I Like Snow (feat. Safra) – Single

Release : 14-10-2016

Harder, louder, faster – this is what “I Like Snow”, the second single of newcomer band LARA SNOW, is like. The single is playing with different elements just like all of their songs. But “I LIKE SNOW” is not melting icbergs but lets them exploding. The Song is about anger. It’s about being angry at the world and losing trust in people. Valery explains: “As the second phase of grief, I’ve always believed that anger can be the most powerful and most devastating one, it controls you and blurs your thoughts. Mark Twain once wrote that “Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured” and so it was for me, I was angry for a long time but when I wrote “I Like Snow” the words just slipped through me and I had no set backs or lack of muse, it was just all there in a few minutes, I think that the process of letting go of this anger has healed me and allowed me to move on to the next phase.”

LARA SNOW is again transforming bad experiences and anger into energy or rather into an powerful and energetic song. Valery is almost shouting out her anger using sharp brain-melt rave-rap parts in the style of “Die Antwoord”. Her demanding and expressive voice is combined with insistent, absorbing and powerful synthesizers and a sharp heavy bassline. All these elements are creating the edgy and unique sound LARA SNOW is standing for. The young producer Safra is giving the song the final and almost explosive touch.

LARA SNOWI Like Snow (feat. Safra)