Places – Single

Release : 18-05-2018

It’s said that people ultimately find a home where they feel understood amongst loved ones. The places that stay in our hearts and move us are in this sense not a location, a city, or even the people that live in them, but rather a feeling that resonates deep in our core. A feeling that comes from connections and feeling accepted.

In their new single, duo FYE & FENNEK convey a desire to find such a place:

When I came when I came into your place

There was something that made me want to say

Amaze me there’s nothing left inside

The accompanying video offers a visual narrative describing this search for such a ‘Place,’ following one girls path towards this inside of herself. Stunning scenery in Hanoi, Vietnam backdrops a sensitively told generation conflict story, as the young girl breaks out of her traditional restraints and comes to terms with her own sexuality.

Growing up far from Hanoi, and far from Asian-socialist values, these are none the less ideals of freedom that drive FYE & FENNEK. They come from a city that at first glance, does not have much to offer. Kassel, Germany, however, has been the starting point of some of Europe’s most creative gems. Perhaps it’s out of a drive to find that special ‘place’, or to together create a home as you would like to have it. Whatever the motivating force, the small German city has been home to many international acts in the last few years, making their way abroad with legendary indie label Lichtdicht Records (now Filter Records), who have overseen the development of artists like Milky Chance and James Hersey and created a nucleus of music and young bands that change the world for themselves and others, creating rousingly beautiful and danceable music heard far beyond their Kassel backyards. This phenomena has developed into a term called the, “Kassel School”- which refers to a community of people who are home with one another, regardless of where they are in the world.

Their single, ‘Places’ offers a hint of what’s to come with their new album. Fye’s emotional narratives are delivered by unabashed, textured vocals and layered by Fennek’s vivid, deliberate instrumentals. Fans of provocative contemporaries like Sylvan Esso, the Knife, and Angus & Julia Stone find a new voice to connect with. The young musicians find solace in seeking a deeper connection with listeners through FYE’S relatable narratives crooning over FENNEK’S darker, focused beats. ‘Places’ is a single that embodies a feeling, and the phenomena, of this universal searching for home, and acceptance shared by people around the globe.