FYE & FENNEK – Miles Davis – Single

Release : 13-07-2018

Home is not a location; it’s a deep feeling of understanding and acceptance within oneself. That was the story behind FYE & FENNEK’s first single and release, ‘Places’ from their upcoming album, and is now followed with the release of an equally strong track, ‘Miles Davis.’

Miles Davis has a beat that moves towards you and away like a tide, a more cautious and somewhat disillusioned start accentuated by a vocal that has a reserved introduction before it finally breaks out.

Lifting a weight, as heavy as thoughts,

Emotional dark to the state of your heart

You shut up loud

You shut up loud for me

As the second chapter to ‘Places,’ the Miles Davis video continues to chronicle the story of a girl who breaks free from the traditional confinement of her family’s home as she struggles to come to terms with her sexuality and love for another girl. Taking place in Hanoi, Vietnam, the young couple finally comes together and goes from a sort of honeymoon stage to the reality of everyday.  Moving away from the euphoria of night in ‘Places,’ the video begins with daylight lingering on the young couple’s shared bed, as our main character dreams. Scenes of the couple display an undeniable distance in their intimacy- a coming together that previously seemed to hold all of life’s answers and yet now represents a feeling of empty promises seems to linger in her subconscious.

The video in some ways mirrors the experience behind writing the track. Explaining its title, “I listened to the original Miles Davis with someone who was really important to me; this relationship lead to a journey which made me grow personally. It taught me about the fine line between merging with another and yet staying in touch with the boundary around you. It’s really about independence and freedom; distance within intimacy” says front woman FYE.

The video’s main character broke free of her former confinements and sought a feeling of home and acceptance in the person she was in love with in ‘Places.’  And yet, we see her still obliged by life’s routine and concerns as we watch second chapter, ‘Miles Davis.’ With a vocal that makes a clear break through in the refrain, one is confronted with the understanding that home is not a place we can seek outside of ourselves. Wherever we go and whom ever we encounter will not change the fact that we ultimately bring ourselvesalong. The FYE & FENNEK single, ‘Miles Davis’ urges its audience that home is found within.

This single follows the release of ‘Places’ in May which accumulated over 500k plays on Spotify in less than a month after release and landed coverage in German media such as C-Heads, Tonspion, Diffus and Chromemusic with highly positive reviews. The album, ‘Separate Together,’ is due later this summer and will be supported by a larger feature piece by MYP-Magazine.


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