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Focus – Single

Release : 15-07-2016

The first release of this extraordinary duo “Focus“ is the recorded outcome of their initial encounter and exemplary for their style. Synthie pop and electronica meet folk and indietronic crosses singer-songwriter tunes. Dance and water are standing metaphorically for relationships and love – they are playful, emotional and profound. “Focus“ lets the listener plunge into a new deep mystical sphere, a dreamworld.
Additional to the single the band is coming out with two remixes coming from Swan and Victor Tricard. The French producer and co-founder of the band “Paris Suit Yourself“ Victor Tricard is delivering a perfect laid back summery dance remix. He gives the track his very own signature: multilayered sonic collage of analog and electronic elements, sustained by danceable and soulful beats.
The berlin based artist who is performing regularly as a stage guitarist and keyboardist in the music projects “Les Fils Du Calvair“, “Jackson and His Computer Band”, and “Schwarz Don’t Crack”, has progressively established himself as a producer in the last year. He is now collaborating with various artists such as 18+, Kedi Mina (aka Khadija), Egon Elliut, Ahmad Larnes, Sibéri, as well with movie directors Kaan Mudceji and Fabian Alteried, and more lately with french Designers Gol- gotha (Iconoclast).

Track Artist Title
Focus – Single Focus
Focus – Single Focus (Swan Remix)
Focus – Single Focus (Victor Tricard Remix)