New release: LUI HILL honors the Morgans in “Sidewinder”

Filter Alternative: LUI HILL’s new single “Sidewinder” portrays a unique perspective: The Story of Helen Morgan, Wife of LUI’s idol, jazz trumpeter Lee Morgan, who has killed her husband in the course of jealousy.  

„So here I am in quiet disunity about his genius and the shortcoming way of behaving in a good and compassionate way to someone who loves him and saved him from his downfall.“

In spite of the tragic story which inspired the song, “Sidewinder” still sounds energetic. It rather feels like the soundtrack to a roadtrip in a convertible, than the soundtrack to a dark alley in the East Village of Manhattan at night, where the shooting happened.  

The single is part of LUI HILL’s EP “Creatures”, which will come out May 28th 2021. “Sidewinder” is out now and can be streamed and downloaded here.

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Press picture and cover art by Nicolas Blanchadell.