New release: Feng Suave are back with “Tomb For Rockets”

Filter Alternative: Feng Suave’s brand new single titled „Tomb For Rockets“ was recorded at Helmbreker Studio (Haarlem, Netherlands) with engineer Jasper Geluk (Altın Gün). The track is an RnB-inspired number which breaks ground sonically. Tracked just about entirely live and straight to tape, the recording and production was overseen once again by the band, and the output is highlighted with an earnest, crisp production sound that forms a bed under dreamy vocal lines and cinematic instrumentation

On the new song, the band said:

We recorded „Tomb For Rockets“ at Helmbrekker Studios in The Netherlands through the tail end of 2020. For this release, we decided to record analogue to Tape. This was a first time for us and also provided a nice change from our previous recording experiences which often involved overdubbing every instrument onto a digital grid, and this provided us an opportunity to capture a raw and dense sound.

By avoiding the usual computerised workstation and focussing in and around analogue instruments, it changed a lot for us creatively and allowed us to focus more on capturing a genuine moment rather than recording a flawless take.

The love for tape also returns in the accompanying music video entirely shot on VHS, directed by Bob Sizoo, that can be found here.

„Tomb For Rockets“ is out now and can be streamed and downloaded here.

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Cover art by Armando De Cosmos.

Press picture by Pasqual Armade.