New release: Shelter Boy is all but absent

ZG500 Records:  Have you ever caught yourself thinking of someone who isn’t your partner, although you are in a relationship? Shelter Boy’s latest single, “Absence” tells a story of exactly this sensation creeping up on someone in a relationship. The optimistic beat carries the listener through a somewhat gloomy confession of catching yourself thinking of someone else, who isn’t your partner — and the fear that comes from this unintentional thought.

“I break the law, I turned my absence into my fear”

At once moody and upbeat, the 90s alt-rock inspired track driven by a strong drum beat creates an atmosphere for feeling conflicted; wavering between the excitement of where your thoughts have drifted, and the guilt of allowing them to develop any further.

True to Shelter Boy’s style, “Absence” combines a dreamy guitar melody with raw, King Krule styled vocals. The lyrics are straightforward and transparent- but manage to transform relatable, fleeting and every day thoughts into something striking that you can at last finally grasp. With this down-to-Earth openness, Shelter Boy manages to again create a connection with his listener, proving not to be ‘absent’ at all.

Along with the single comes a music video that was directed, filmed and edited by Janis Vetter. You can watch the beautifully, vibey end result here.

“Absence”  is out now and can be streamed and downloaded here.

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Cover art: Jonas Wirth

Picture for cover art: Cinzia Grundke

Press picture: Cinzia Grundke