On Tour: GUACÁYO go on “Lemonade Tour”

Filter Booking: NEW TOUR! What do you do when life (or rather 2020) hands you a bunch of lemons? Thats right: Lemonade. Thats what Guacáyo thought – just that they made an entire “Lemonade”-EP. The new EP that will be out in May, also brings the Band back on stage. After over 300 shows in Europe and after touring with the Australian band Lime Cordiale, this summer gigs at Fusion Festival Music and Summerjam Festival are followed up by the Lemonade Tour 2021 in October. Sassy Pop sounds meet Reggae, Dub and Hip Hop Beats and merge into fresh Indie music. Guacáyo captivate with a fat bass, charming arrangements and lyrics with meaning, brought across by the singer‘s distinctive and female voice. Who is ready for some real Guacáyo sound? Tickets are out now and available here: https://guacayo.de.


Press picture by Rebekka Müller.