New release: Flora Fauna with “Our Way Home”

Filter Alternative: It is surely safe to say, that the past year has been an uncomfortable one for all of us. Therefore we are even more proudly to announce our new signing Flora Fauna. Their first single “Our Way Home“, that is out today, is Flora Fauna’s way to offer a sort of antidote to this uncomfortable limbo we find ourselves in.

“I really wanted to write a song that was healing for the listeners—something uplifting and that might help pull you out of the shadows for a bit” confesses front woman, Laura Baruch.

Her unique, earthy, raw vocals guide the listener through something that feels like a fairytale built from harps, that softly emerge through a grittier acoustic guitar — reminding us that polarization can sometimes be beautiful, and duality isn’t condemned only to confusion. “Our Way Home” is a song that sounds like an ethereal journey in the clouds with the grounding elements of familiar folk.

While the song takes the listener on a personal journey home, Laura wrote the song inspired by her own relocation along with her husband to his birthplace of Vienna, after living for 17 years abroad in California. The two met in Los Angeles, and as a multi-instrumentalist and producer, Peter Kastner became the “Fauna” to her “Flora” as they went on to co-form the indie-pop sextet Karmic, best known for their breakout single, “Higher Self”.

“Our Way Home” is out now and can be streamed and downloaded here.

As always, please let us know what you think!


Press picture by Kasandra Baruch.