New release: Shelter Boy creates an “Atmosphere”

ZG500: Do you still remember your last concert? The charged energy in the room seems to be dripping from the ceilings, even coming out of the walls. Bodies pressed against other bodies, the intensity seems to be getting stronger. You lose yourself in the crowd, you feel like you’re drowning in tension. And then the music starts. Suddenly, nothing else matters. You dance.

In his latest single “Atmosphere” Leipzig-based alternative indie-rocker SHELTER BOY reminisces just these moments. That feeling of standing amongst strangers, a bit confused by the group dynamics, and not really able to find a connection — but in some way, not even wanting to find a connection:

“Please don’t tell me how to feel alive
What the fuck am I doin here?
Tell me how you really feel
Do you fear the atmosphere?”

It’s about more than a feeling. It’s about interaction, and about perceiving and analyzing our own feelings. No empty phrases, no euphemisms-­‐ the messy truth, as it stands bare in front of you and goes off as if there were no tomorrow. The raw sound and energy of the track offers a way to deal with bad feelings, to work through them, and to transfer them into something positive. The song not only has atmosphere, but in classic SHELTER BOY fashion, immediately gets you up from your chair and makes you want to dance away your own negative energy.

“Atmosphere” is out now and can be streamed and downloaded here

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Press picture by Philipp Gladsome.