New release: LUI HILL with “Talk To You”

Filter Alternative: After his strong current releases “Creatures” and “How Many Moons”, LUI HILL is back again with a next single from his upcoming EP: “Talk To You“.

With raw grittiness, the energy of a 1 bar drum-loop distorted 808s; the music manages to perfectly represent the restlessness of the lyrics. Melody however ties it all together. “Talk to You” is acknowledging how narcissism and disconnection is amplified through social media, bigotry, racism and the miss-use of power. Even for those of us who feel above or free of these themes somehow they “talk to” all of us.

“Talk To You” is the second single from his EP due to release in Spring 2021 and can be streamed and downloaded here.

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Press pictures and artwork by Nicolas Blanchadell.