New release: LUI HILL asks “How Many Moons”?

Filter Alternative: 2020 was one absurdly eventful year and we could all use the help of a large serving of confidence. And LUI HILL is serving. In his new single “How Many Moons” he tells a story of loneliness and hope, which in the end leads to learning and growing. It is the much needed reminder, that even in these chaotic times we can center ourselves by being in touch with ourselves and the positive around us.

The inspiration for this song came while walking with the moon in the freezing cold. The moon serves as a calming constant in chaos, always in the starry sky, just outside your window, at the edges of the day, like a faded sticker on a windshield. In this constant, LUI HILL found the confidence that everything will
be all right and that peace is around the corner.

“I will always associate something very beautiful and personal with this song. It came to me as inspiration, I “found” in the woods. It helped me to see things more positively” – LUI HILL

“How Many Moons” features piano, drums and vocals and was created at the piano in his parents’ house. The clear structure in the music mirrors the lyrics: A clear view of the moon and the clarifying perspective that came from this inspiration. The harmony shift is reminiscent of the 80s and fits perfectly to the concept of personal reflection. An optimistic, catchy song that will carry us through this difficult time and even further thereafter.

“It’s maybe a bit cheesy, but then again.. the moon sometimes just looks a bit
cheesy, doesn’t it?” – LUI HILL

“How Many Moons” is the second single from his EP due to release in Spring 2021 and can be streamed and downloaded here.

As always, let us know what you think!


Press pictures and artwork by Nicolas Blanchadell.