New release: FYE & FENNEK release second album “Destruct Pop”

Filter Alternative: What a way to start of the new year. FYE & FENNEK release their last single “Femmoumen” along with their new, second album “Destruct Pop“.

The latest single “Femmoumen” adresses the much discussed topic gender fluidity. The duo embraces that whether male or female, we all are a mix of what’s considered masculine/feminine, making the track an ode for acceptance of united opposites.

Front woman FYE’s brings in the deeper tones of her voice that together with the piano and synthesizer work to create a complex, danceable beat. “Femmoumen” reminisces us of the eighties as well as the early indie sounds. The full album likewise fuses several components together to create one, “destructed pop” whole.
“Femmoumen” and “Destructed Pop” are out now and can be streamed and downloaded here. As always, please let us know what you think!

Press picture by Sebastian Berthold alias BERGSTRVM.