Filter Alternative: Obviously we are proud of all of our artists in our roster, like parents love all their children. Still, today’s release feels special and much needed. Not only because it isn’t music that is being released today by MADANII & LLUCID, but because of its current relevance. Together with Dr. Martens, as part of Dr. Martens Presents, the Berlin based future-pop duo produced a three-part video series called ORI3NTATION in which they ask “what is the orient” and aim to demystify it head on. Together with 10 Berlin creatives MADANII & LLUCID question stereotypes and where the clichés in our head come from. The first episode “Identities” revolves around just that:

“Finding your identity” and figuring out “what’s the deal with the so called ‚Orient‘”.

There will be two more episodes, that will be released on December 2nd and December 9th on MADANII’s YouTube channel. The first episode is out now can now be watched here. The full project can be found on

Furthermore the video series is accompanied by a playlist that is curated by MADANII and updated each Friday by guests and friends from MADANII & LLUCID. The full playlist can be found here.

As always, please let us know what you think!
Press pictures by Carys Huws.