New release: LUI HILL is calling his Creatures

Filter Records: LUI HILL is back with his new single “Creatures”. LUI starts his new single off by “Calling the creatures I do have inside”. Who doesn’t have them? The different sides, the ‘creatures,’ wrapped together in one that each come to light depending on the situation, motivation and mood. HILL found himself is such a situation during quarantine. Confronted with his very own creatures, the inspiration for the song was thick in the air.

‘Creatures’ was created within a single day together with his guitarist, Niklas Kleber. The atmosphere in the studio was so exuberant that the first vocal take became the final in the end. It still seems true that from a good old jam session, the best tracks often emerge. Wrapped up in a Daft Punk / Justice like robe, the track ends in a dramatic guitar solo.

It’s exactly this exuberant mood that can be heard in the song, both lyrically and musically. Ultimately these inner creatures sung about by LUI HILL are not necessarily good or bad. They’re simply demanding to be heard.

“I was on tour, and suddenly the noise around me was gone. I realized that I had come to consider this constant noise normal- but the overwhelming silence made these voices audible that I could never hear before. I called them creatures. Some of them were disturbing and frightening, others were gentle and encouraging and had a lot of wisdom. I tried to make friends with them all.”

The music video, shot by director Nicolas Blanchadell, airs a french flair, fitting to the Daft Punk / Justice inspiration. It shows the individual facets of HILL with a self-realization group and various characters serving as the setting for the video. The video characters range from shy, to nervous, to seductive and more, all played by friends and creatives from Berlin. Except for “Kevin,” no character was played by a professional actor, giving the plot an extra bit of charm. You can watch the full video here.

“Creatures” is the single debut from his EP due to release in Spring 2021 and can be streamed and downloaded here.

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Press pictures and artwork by Nicolas Blanchadell.