New release: Fye & Fennek return with butterflies

Filter Alternative: The new single “Schmetterling”, which translates to butterfly in English, of Berlin electro-pop duo FYE & FENNEK is about two people who have a desire for one another, but talk past each other. Like the butterfly, it is an irrevocable transformation, but the beautiful is passing. The song starts with a swinging organ sound groove, which immediately establishes a dancing vibe.  This is taken over by the drums, which are mixed with synth sounds and characteristic guitar riffs. Besides Faye, Jan also sings, so that the relationship theme of the lyrics unfolds dialogically on this layer as well.

“Schmetterling” is the fourth single of the upcoming album and out now. It can be downloaded and streamed here.

As always, let us know what you think!



Press picture by Sebastian Berthold alias „BERGSTRVM”.