Video of the month: Shelter Boy – Calm Me Down

Our video of the month: Shelter Boy – Calm Me Down

With a title like “Calm Me Down” one expects a track to come in as an epically melancholic ballad. That anticipation is squashed the moment Shelter Boy’s new single kicks off. From the very first second onward, bass and drums tumble you over and prepare you for a serious Britpop-throwback vibe in the hook. Shelter Boy sings in a determined voice, as if he’s just ‘letting it all out’. “Calm Me Down” is Shelter Boy’s bittersweet way of letting us know exactly where he stands. The song tells of being entangled in one’s own thoughts and getting caught between alternating highs and
lows. About days that pass by far too fast, about running away from oneself and the deep longing to actually slow down and take a deep breath, preferably with the company of another – Jan Wehn


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Video by Philipp Gladsome (shot on 16mm film in Naples/Italy)


Production by Jonas Wirth / xxJUGENDSTILxx