Artist of the month: MADANII & LLUCID

Looking back on 2020, quite a few drastic events lie behind us. An awareness of racism in society has started to stimulate thought like never before- beyond contemplation; it has lead to cautious doubts, challenging discourse, and also brand new hope. These factors have come together to cumulate a new reality – the world is no longer as it was before. The EP “3RD 3YE” by the Berlin duo MADANII & LLUCID takes you on a journey exploring this issue.

The lyrics of the EP are as important as they are different: “Daffodil” deals with narcissism and lack of empathy in a flowery, pictorial way. “Don’t come by” reflects the beginning of the social-distancing phase: Thoughtful and conscious, but still light and optimistic. “Deinterlu” marks the point where thoughtfulness becomes more serious and tangible. If you painted a timeline, you could draw the first offshoots of the Black Lives Matter movement here. “Dominvs” shows the perception of the situation, the recognition of the status quo. The thoughts begin to rebel and to revolt. Until they end in the track “Dngr”. This track does not want to be comfortable. It stands symbolically for the rebellion against racism, against prejudice, a fight for diversity and its right to exist. “Dandelion” is the conciliatory conclusion of the EP: it is about letting go of toxicity and embracing growth and development.

“3RD 3YE” is a journey that takes the listener by the hand and leads them through an evolution. An evolution that is logical and comprehensive, yet so strong and focused that one is surprised by it for a moment.

The duo remains true to their sound and far away from the heaviness one might suspect in the content topics. Ingenious, bass-like beats underline MADANII’s distinctive voice and create an overall picture that invites you to simultaneously close your eyes, listen and dance. Lovingly worked out facets let you discover exciting details and novelties in the tracks even after the tenth listen.



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