New release: Shelter Boy asks you to calm him down

ZG500 Records: After the successful release of his second EP “Rock’n’roll Saved My Childhood (Lel)” and a small writing break, Shelter Boy is now back with his new single “Calm Me Down“.

The title might suggests a small, melancholic ballad, but get ready for a “serious Britpop-throwback vibe in the hook” (Jan Wehn). In “Calm Me Down” Shelter Boy tells us about being entangled in his own thoughts, getting caught up in alternating highs and lows and about the desire to slow down with another person by his side.

Shelter Boy remains honest, authentic and true to his recognizable style, which is probably the reason, why the single got picked by two big Spotify playlists: Spotify New Music Friday NL (with 228.000 Followers) and Spotify Indie Brandneu (with nearly 100.000 Followers).

The single is furthermore accompanied by a moody, stunning music video, that can be watched here. The video was Philipp Gladsome’s first time working with 16 mm film. It was shot in Naples, Italy.

“Calm Me Down” is out now and can be downloaded and streamed here.

As always, please let us know what you think.



Press pictures by Philipp Gladsome.