New release: MADANII & LLUCID about narcissism in “Daffodil”

Filter Alternative: For some one that speaks German, it is easy to jump from narcissism (Narzismus in German) to Daffodils (Narzissen in German). Still, most people don’t, unless they are called MADANII & LLUCID. Their newest single “Daffodil” explains narcissistic behavior from the perspective of the flower. The melodic spectrum of the song is a reference to the disorder in it self: The verse is calm, melancholic and nearly shy, the chorus dancy, bouncy, upbeat.

Fun Fact: This song came to life in the house of LLUCID’s parents. His parents house is surrounded by nature and peacefulness and the duo wrote another flowery song there: “Dandelion”.

The release is accompanied by a visualizer, that was shot by Gianna Shamone and premiered by Picky Magazine. The complete visualizer and review can be found here. The single was also shared by RecordJet in their popular Spotify “in between: Alternative & Pop” Playlist and in Spotify’s New Music Friday. New Music Friday Deutschland containes the best releases of the week and is one of the biggest playlists on Spotify with over 660.000 Followers.

“Daffodil” is out now and can be downloaded and streamed here.

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Press picture by Gianna Shamone.