New release: Sultans Court release their second EP “Up Close”

Filter Alternative: Sultans Court‘s second EP “UP CLOSE” is not only the counterpart of the previous EP with its title. The band remains true to itself and its dreamy, but purposeful, energetic sound, although they offer even more intimate insights into their thoughts, feelings and the processes behind the music in their current tracks. A closeness that catches the listener from the very first listen. An intensity that can almost make you feel uneasy. The good kind of discomfort. A deep look into one’s own inner being.


You’ve been running in circles knowing too much seeing the damage has already been done.
– Good Enough
Sultans Court also release their new song “Running” today, including a music video in the style of a short horror film, which celebrated its premiere at KALTBLUT Magazin:
The video, shot by director Vincent Ercolani (Erdenleib, Troop Leader), picks up the mood and lyrics of the track in its own way and interweaves it with an exciting story. A frenzy that does not have a happy ending. A story that slips away from the viewer. Ercolani creates a mini psycho-thriller with a cinematic atmosphere that is based on “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”. A ride gone wrong, the negative influence of drugs and string of escalations, captured in road trip aesthetics. You catch yourself trying to escape from the scenario. Running.
The vinyl, also released today, includes FROM AFAR on one side and UP CLOSE on the other, and thus also includes the previous EP: a physical approach to the content, a gimmick for lovers and for all others at least practical.

“Running” and “Up Close” are out now and can be downloaded and streamed here:


Press picture by Steve Glashier.

Artwork by Sandro Rybak.