New release: Sultans Court feel Sublime

Filter Alternative: Have you ever looked at the stars and felt that feeling of power and sublimity, while at the same time feeling small and insignificant? Sultans Court dedicated their newest single ‘Sublime‘ to exactly this feeling. The track is a homage to being, a love song for what music can change within you as a listener.

While remaining a truly Sultans Court sound, the track manages to create a clubby, energetic atmosphere that makes you want to hear more, leaving you longing for those crowded club-shows and vibrant bass-lines that we all currently miss. ‘Sublime’ is special for yet another reason: It has been a part of the live-shows since the very beginning and thus has changed and developed over the last four years, leaving space for each of the band members to show their virtuosity.

‘Sublime’ is out now and can be streamed and downloaded here:



Press picture by Bear Films.