New Release: Feng Suave release new EP ‘Warping Youth’ including new single

Filter Alternative: Amsterdam based alternative soul duo Feng Suave release their awaited EP ‘Warping Youth‘ today, along with their new single ‘People Wither‘.

The new EP reveals a strong soul reference. Being inspired by 1970s legends such as Bill Withers and The Beatles, as well as the current greats Foxygen, Homeshake and Tame Impala, Feng Suave lovingly bring together sounds from different decades and their own. The band members Daniel Schoemaker and Daniel de Jong combine warm psych-pop elements with RnB grooves and create carefully worked out melodies.

“We wanted to distance ourselves from the contemporary ‘bedroom’ sound of our first releases and tried to stay true to the music we love to hear and admire; organic sounding, classic songs. Thematically, the songs are about growing up and the accompanying directionless wandering through adolescence”. Feng Suave states about their newest EP.

The mix is right, as the growing number of fans show. Over the course of the campaign Feng Suave’s subscribers and followers on YouTube an Spotify doubled.

With a growing online audience, the band has already collected more than 70 million streams of fans from all regions of the world, who have been indulging in the sound of the Dutch group – a sound that could be equally at home in the local music scenes of Brooklyn, Los Angeles or Sydney.

‘Warping Youth’ including ‘People Wither’ is out now and can be streamed and downloaded here:



Press picure by Woody Bos.