Video of the month: LORENS – Just Because

Our video of the month: LORENS – Just Because

The producer of the video about the topic:
“The first thing that came to my mind was a powerful image of what can make a young woman question love. The nature of the relationship at stake made me think about the position of that girl in the Balkans. Predefined paths that become questions and barriers necessary to become a woman there. The dramaturgy of the video came so naturally – an invisible force that makes the girl question herself. And the urge to escape this force. This is no easy task, because these roots and emotions are strong. But she has to find the strength within herself to be reborn, to escape nature and move on. And learn to look at the past as a lesson to be able to turn it into art. ”

Their video is in a collection of picturesque images and perhaps satisfies the emerging wanderlust:


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Director: Hani Domazet

Director of photography: Vladimir Đurić