New release: Sultans Court are Good Enough!

Filter Records: The world is spinning ever faster and its impossible to keep up. Productivity and self-presentation are becoming more and more important by the day, which becomes visible through the numerous influencer profiles.  It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer mass of information and input that we get confronted with everyday.

The newest single ‘Good Enough’ by Berlin indie-electro band Sultans Court is a reminder to find time to reminisce for one’s own.

„You’ve been running in circles knowing too much.“

You don’t have to watch every news broadcast, you don’t have to be productive every day – sometimes you’re just alright the way you are. You are good enough!

The band calls their music “melancholy disco”, this track definitely includes a little bit more disco and reminds of us bands such as Jungle, Tame Impala and Weval. ‘Good Enough’ is part of the upcoming EP ‘Up Close’.

‘Good Enough’ is out now and can be streamed and downloaded here:

The music video that was premiered by The Postie can be found here:



Press picture by Bear Film.