New release: Feng Suave is warping here

Filter Records: Dutch psych-pop duo Feng Suave drop a new single! ‘I’m Warping Here’ is the third single lifted from their upcoming EP ‘Warping Youth’, which will be released June 26th 2020.

On their newest single ‘I’m Warping Here’, Feng Suave reminisce on their youth. Like a letter addressed to their younger selves, they list some regrets including torturing insects and fake-crying when grandma died, but ultimately, they look back fondly on the simplicity of their pre-teens.

“This one is about growing up. It’s a kind of coming-of-age story, really. It’s about missing the times when you did stupid things without thinking about it, and missing the times when those stupid things were your biggest worry in the world. Now that you’re older, things become more serious and life seems evermore predictable, while at the same time you rack up more and more responsibilities. You wish you could tell the kid you once were to enjoy themself a bit more at times, because it’s gonna level out.”

Vaulting their original brand of bedroom-pop and arming themselves with razor-sharp wit on some of the themes on the forthcoming EP, Feng Suave are both lyrically intimate and sardonic.

‘I’m Warping Here’ is out now and can be streamed and downloaded here:

Press picture by Max D’orsogna.